SME Problems and Solutions

Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) companies dominates the intact business establishment, around the world. Small businesses face a wide range of problems on a daily basis, both internally and externally.

1) Based on statistic, the main reason for SME companies closure is due to the fact that SME companies owners are not aware of the business challenges, especially in terms of financial and Quality Management System (QMS) inclusive but not limited to:

Poor filing for documentation

No segregation of good and bad products

Inefficient way of monitoring customer satisfaction & company performance

2) On the other hand, management skills and marketing are among the frequently focused as the main challenges that hinder SME Companies growth especially in terms of record keeping and networking.

Comprehensive Solution for SME Companies

Nadi Aero Consultants (NAC) thru its knowledge base and networking capabilities will expose SME Companies to:

Requirement and pre-requisite to tap to big and international market in Aerospace

Definition and Tacit Knowledge of QMS

How to develop and implement the ISO QMS

How to be accredited to any industrial requirements such as Aerospace Standard, Automotive Standard, etc

How to Fast track to get the accreditation

How to monitor the company performance and customer satisfaction

Undivided support with Technical related training

Positive Result With NAC

After series of consultations with NAC, process restoration and mock up audit, SME Companies:

Able to provide a consistent and reliable product quality

Reduce multiple customer audit simultaneously

Increase operation performance

Increase company revenue profit

Enhance company image

Easy access to the industry for their product

Easy approval on bank loan and business license