Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (October 18, 2018) – Aerospace Consultant Service provider, Nadi Aero Consultants is offering human factor course. Human factors focus on getting familiar with the human behaviour and performance. The Human factor knowledge is primarily incorporated to manage the gap between people and system. It aims towards optimum safety and performance. The Human factors knowledge procured via Nadi Aero Consultants Human Factor course is applicable in safety investigation activities.

Human factor course is a two-day course with duration of about sixteen hours. The performance of a student is purely based on the assessment. Human factor course does not include any specific conditions. The suggested level is professional and management. The CEO of Nadi Aero Consultants stated that ‘on completion of this course, an individual will get familiar with the concepts of Human factor. In addition, one would be acquainted with core human performance issues pertaining to aviation operations.

Nadi Aero Consultants Human Factor course laid special emphasis on blending Human factors knowledge with aviation operations. Furthermore, there is an application of human factors knowledge in safety investigation activities. The course is best suggested for aviation roles particularly safety critical ones. Human factor course is recommended for airline manager, operational staffs, flight crew and pilots.

The primary objective behind this course is to bring in a participant in the field of Human factors. Upon completion of the Human factor course, an individual would clearly be able to define the term ‘Human factors’.

Nadi Aero Consultants Human Factor course elucidates how human beings mutually behave and interact with each other. It also highlights how human beings communicate within a workplace. Human factors training in the field of healthcare intensifies clinical performance via getting familiar with effects of tasks, workspace, equipment and teamwork.

A clear-cut understanding of the cause of an error should be present at various levels of the workforce. A capacity to adopt a pro-active approach is essential in reducing the errors.

The Human factor course is an exclusive package, which contains materials that are primarily used for training the staffs employed in an organization.